Journal Code: SIJBPG
ISSN: 2394-3351
Current Volume: Volume 3, Issue 3
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hamid Saremi

Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance (ISSN: 2394-3351)

Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance (SIJBPG) is an 'Open Access, Double Blind-Peer Reviewed' monthly scholarly research journal. The SIJBPG is a symbol of good scholarly publishing practices having sanctity of Scholedge Policies on Scholarly Publishing. Being an open access research journal the authors are benefited in terms of unrestricted readership of their researches thereby increasing the citation of their scholarly works. All issues of the journal are hosted at Scholedge Library to enable the task of unrestricted distribution of the research works of the scholars.

Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance (SIJBPG) covers below mentioned areas of study and research. The topics are just for a ready reference of the authors and new but relevant topics can also be worked on under the journal by requesting to the Chief Editor of the journal by scholars.

SIJBPG Scholarly Research Topics-

  • Policy and Governance
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Policy
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Corporate Legal Framework
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Corporate Development
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Legislation
  • Policy Implementation
  • Policy Formulation
  • Strategy Design
  • Corporate Board Management
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Corporate Hierarchy
  • Business Reorganization
  • Corporate Communication
  • Strategic Business Management
  • Strategy Appraisal
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Policy Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Strategies for Sustainability
  • Corporate environmental strategy
  • Effective management of natural resources
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Public Representation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stakeholders Relations Management
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Executive Compensation
  • Non-Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Strategic Business Communications
  • Ethical Issues in International Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Accountability and Ethics in Corporate Governance

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